Hip Hop Word Building Lesson

“Hip Hop Culture” in Many Words
Lesson Plan By :Michele Hairston ©2015
Hip Hop Educator/ Historian

Target Group:
Grades: 3rd -5th / 6th-8th
Group of 5 (15 or more students)
School District/ After School Program
Time: 50 Minutes

Material Needed:
-Lined Writing Paper
-Chalk Board
-Poster Board
Special Treat/Incentive

Objective :
-Using words building to elevate the mind of your students.
-Thinking Skills and using Word Building as apart of Hip Hop/Education and Words Fundamental.
-The Philosophy of Hip Hop and History.
-Recognizing its main 5 Elements of Hip Hop.
-Discuss the Demographic of Hip Hop History.

– Understanding Hip Hop is a Educational Movement.
– Social /Communication Skills and Team work using Hip Hop Education.
– Enhancement on Writing, Spelling . Pronunciation and Reading Skills using Hip Hop Education.

1.What is Hip Hop Culture?
2.Who is the Founder of Hip Hop?
3.Discuss the different era’s in Hip Hop.
4.What are the Main 5 Elements? Aerosol/ Writing (Graffiti), Dj, Breaking, Emcee, Knowledge.

-Asked your students which Element of Hip Hop is more popular?
-Discuss the Positive, Negative, Social Issue in the Music, Culture and Media.
-Asked each student to give you (5) Positive words to defined “HIP HOP CULTURE”.

1.Place your students in groups of 3-5 depending how many students you have in your classroom.
2.Select a writer and a group leader in charge of the project to help direct His/ Her peers.
3 Give your students the instruction of the project make sure they comprehend the lesson well.
4.Start the timer at 3:00 minutes.
5.Once 3:00 Minutes is up have your student to raise their hands with their pencil showing no one isn’t cheating.
6.Each group will walk in front of the classroom together saying each word on their paper.
7. Have each writer to count how many words they have on their paper.
8.Once the numbers are tally up have each group to use Good Sportsmanship to congratulate the winning group on their Achievement.

How challenging was the lesson?
How well your team mates used their communication Skills and Team Work for this project to be successful?
Give me 5 Words that describes Hip Hop Culture from the Project.

MicheleHairston ©2015

Hip Hop Brain Break

Hip Hop Brain Break!
Michele Hairston©

1.Name 11 States that shares two time zone?

2.How Many states begins with the letter M?

3.How many states are located in the central time Zone?

4.Name 4 Commonwealth States?

5.Where is the middle of the Earth located?
A. Jerusalem
B. Ghana
C. Ecuador
D. California

6.True/ False (3)
• New York City is located on the Atlantic Ocean.
• The Statue of Liberty is located in New York City.

7. Certain cities in North Alaska there are 6 Month of Darkness in the
a. Summer Months
b. Spring Months
c. Winter Months
d. Fall Months

8. During the dark period Months the Sun Rise and Sun Set;
c. 10:30am-1:30pm

9. The state of Texas is the largest in the United State ,which states is the smallest ?

10. True/False
The Mason Dixon line is located between Delaware and Maryland.

Hip Hop Against Violence 2016-17


We are preparing for the 2016 HIP HOP AGAINST VIOLENCE School Tour Seminar and Workshop for 2016-17 School Year.

This year event Theme is Hip Hop Education and Mental Heath in the Inner-City community.
This year Topics will include:
-Importance of merging Hip Hop and Education
-Mental Health/ Counseling Service for our Youth and Families
-Anger Management/ Behavior Modification
-Guns Control and Violences
and Performances
We are looking forward for your support as we work towards Ending the Violence in our Community, Music Culture, and Youth/Teens.









5 Elements of Hip Hop

By Michele Hairston©2013

5th (Knowledge) Wisdom and Overstanding 

This Element incorporate Life and Social Skills to create Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun through Hip Hop Culture, Movement and its Roots. This Element is the Lost Element in Hip Hop and should be the first element to be taught to your students, especially through lecture, Panel Discussion or in Classroom setting .

1st (GRAFFITI ART)-Aerosol, Writer, Burner, Tagging, Wild Style, Throw-Up, Phase 2

Used as a form of visual and Urban Art Expression through Communication to creative Images or fancy writing on Building, Black Books,Clothing, Trains, Promotional Flyers and Canvas with the used of Spray Cans, Markers and Sharpie.

2nd Dj (Turntablist, Turntablism, Mixing, Cutting, Scratching and Spinning

Who represent the Art of Spinning two records back and forth which it include, Scratching, Mixing and Cutting. The Dj plays two records to extend a song or break beat however they use creative style like the transformer, crab etc to add different sounds. The Dj is the most important person in Hip Hop because He/She hold the music for the Emcees, Breakers, Graffiti Artist as well the Partiers , and the Performance.

3rd (Breaking) Bboy/Bgirl  Break Girl ,Break Boy, Bong-Yong, Break Dance, 

Original Hip Hop & Street Dancers who Break to a Break Beat or battle his/ her opponent by using different  Footwork, Windmills, Head Spins , Power-moves , Backspin and Freezes as apart of their dance.

(Breaking is not apart of the Sport its a Lifestyle)

4th (EMCEE/M.C)- Lyricist, Rhyming ,Artist

Master of Ceremony or Individual who Move the Crowd using an acapella or instrumental beat through his/her Poetic , Lyrical or Rhythmic skills by telling a story, battling or performing to entertain an audience.

Today in Hip Hop History

Kool Herc

Father of Hip Hop”

 KoolHercHip Hop is the voice of this generation. Even if you didn’t grow up in the Bronx in the 70’s, Hip Hop is there for you. It has become a powerful force. Hip Hop binds all of these people,all of these nationalities, all over the world together- Kool Herc!
Kool Herc is credit for extending the Break of the Beat the Get down section of the song by using two copies of the same Records. He played Old Funk, Soul and R&B as well as Reggae. The Break Beat laid the foundation for the Bboy’s (Break Dancers).


On August 11, 1973, Kool Herc hosted a Back To School Jam at 1520 Sedgwick Ave “Rec Room from 9:00pm through 4:00am. Ladies $.25 Cent and Fella $.50 Cent. This event is credit for being the beginning of Hip Hop Culture. Kool-Herc-2

 Kool Herc went on Djing at Parties, Block Parties and House Parties with his huge PA system gathering all to enjoy his festivities. Becoming the first Hip Hop Deejay and starting a movement for Bboys/ Bgirl and Hip Hop itself, Herc is still a living legend and still enjoy going to Hip Hop events. 



Hip Hop Quiz for the OldHeads

1. Percee P battle Lord Finesse on July 13, 19________

2. Busy B battled Kool Moe Dee at the _________________1981.
a. PAL
c.Harlem World
d.Cedrick Park

3. Lady B, the Mother of Pennsylvania Hip Hop Movement is the first to aired on which Radio Station __________?
a. Wamo 100.1FM
b. Power 99FM
c. KYW 1060AM
d. 1340AM

3. Grand Master Caz used to go by ________________?
a. Casanova Flav
b. Casanova Flex
c. Casanova Caz
d. Casanova Fly

4. The First Tag Writers was from_____________?
a. Philadelphia Pa
b. South Bronx NY
c. Brooklyn NY
d. Manhattan NY

5. Before NWA, Dr. Dre joined the group “World Class Wreckin Cru” under what independent label?
a. Creation Records
b. RCA
c. Kru-Cut Records
d. Black Emperor

6. The First Emcee sign on Def Jam Records________________
a. LL Cool J.
b. Run-DMC
c. T-La Rock
d. Fat Boys

7. The First Emcee sign to a major (Mercury) record label?
a. Sugar Hill Gang
b. Kurtis Blow
c. Kool Moe Dee
d. Crash Crew

8. True/False
Rock Steady Crew Battled the Dynamic Rockers in 1984.

9. Hip Hop Artist joined together on ______________ to Boycott Grammy’s.
a. March 6, 1989
b. February 22,1989
c. September 16,1989
d. October 3,1989

10. The Beastie Boys was formed on 19______
a. July 1982
b. July 1981
c. July 1980
d. July 1983

Today in Hip Hop History


Yo MTV Raps

August 6 1988-August 17, 1995


Created by Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty on August 6, 1988 Hip Hop went on a Cable network. Giving the world the image of the true culture of Hip Hop and the Emcees from the East, West ,Midwest and Down south Artist. The Show consisted of Interviews, Performance and showing of Music Videos. The Host of the show was Ed Lover and Dr. Dre on Weekends Fab 5 Freddy. On August 17, 1995 the series ended with an amazing performance by many of the Hip Hop Artist. Today Yo MTV would had been 26 years old.


Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty

I would get into daily debates about who are the illest Emcees alive, I had my opinion and being the only female in this debate with Sean Brown, Marcus Blackstone, Late Mike Black, Frankie Holmes, Dj Smitty and the late Dj Ron Ski we would argue for hours outside the School, basement parties or just a good ole cypher battle on lyrics, Skills and Rhymes. After School I would rush home to do my homework and prepared to watch Yo MTV Raps which it aired couple days a week from 4:00pm-5:00pm and prepare myself for the Hip Hop Debate the next day. I remember watching the interview and performance on Eric B and Rakim becoming a diehard fan going back to school the next day pleading my case and of course the argument wasn’t debatable because others felt the same way.

Yo MTV Raps displayed the most incredible emcees of all time. Giving the viewers who weren’t able to get Hip Hop Music and visual directly. In Harrisburg Pennsylvania, WIZZfm was the first Black Radio station in the 80’s and by Late 80’s it went off air and the listeners was subjected to a radio station called Wink 104fm that played Pop, Rock, and Country for a city that is made up of 70% African-Americans. MTV aired on the Cable Channel 27 in Harrisburg which it gave many listeners an outlet and visual of the Hip Hop Artist and Music videos.

yomtvraps image_4

Ed Lover and Dr. Dre                                                                                  Fab 5 Freddy

Check out some of the video of YO MTV RAPS

Save the Date

On August 6, 2016 will become another historical moment in Hip Hop Culture. Sedgwick Ave will become Hip Hop Blvd. thanks to Mayor de Blasio who sign the bill on Thursday, February 25, 2016. Councilwoman, Vanessa L. Gibson has passed a resolution to co-name & stretch “Hip Hop Blvd. in front of 1520 in the importance of the birthplace of Hip Hop.

Kool Herc, the father of Hip Hop started the movement on August 11, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in a Rec room which he threw a back-to-school party for his sister Cindy Campbell. 43 years later, the city of New York recognized the icon and many others contribute to the culture in the Bronx.