Hip Hop is more than Music

Ever since Rap Music has transitioned into Mainstream Corporate America the elements have been replaced with Misogyny, Money and Violence. The stereotypes and misleading of Hip Hop Culture has set an unethical view to the world that the movement is dangerous and hazardous to the youth. Emcees are the voices of storytelling and healing the wounds that Black America has had to endure from Social injustice, Racism and Poverty. When Violence, Crime and Drugs became the new sound of rap music there was a major shift in behaviors and mindset. The Lyrics became belligerent with images of gun-clapping, blood-shedding and genocide in the black community. Many believe the horrifying images and lyrics of Rappers are setting back the Black Youth.

Hip Hop was formed in the 1970’s out of the Civil Rights Movement and the voices of Black and Latinos who lived in Ground Zero of the burning Bronx. The South Bronx was in crisis with the widespread burning buildings set by landlords to collect insurance money. The Decay of the Bronx community has caused an Economic Depression as many businesses and property owners were relocating into the White suburban areas. The Financial Crisis and infrastructure of the abandoned building left by the Property owners was shifted into a new hub for gang members and house parties. The gangs dominated their territories and went to war with their rivals, however, they protected their community, stood up against the social injustice and confronted city officials on the condition of the South Bronx. Members of the gangs held a large meeting to bring peace as the birth of Hip Hop was building its foundation.

During the crack era, teens who later became Hip Hop legends had created an underground moment. The up-rise of Social Changes and transformation of the Bronx had spread to other parts of the world that a new movement of self-expression was born. The origins of Hip Hop originated from House Parties into creative Elements of Graffiti, DJ (Disk Jockey), Breaking, Emcees, and Knowledge. The Elements of Hip Hop plays an important part of the culture from extending of the Break Beat by the Dj’s, Emcees battling or giving a shout out over the Microphone and the B-boys taking over 50% of the floor with their dance moves. The Graffiti writers created the promotional flyers, beautified the community, and sent messages on the trains through art.

Fashion had changed from the 70’s, Cut Sleeve Jackets to the Sweat Suits, Chuck Taylor’s, Kangos, Cazles, and Bomber Jackets. Jheri Curl was a popular hairstyle to many Black and Afro Latinos. In the 80’s, at this time, emcees became the focal point of the culture and change the content of flow and delivery as an artist.

Around 1986, the powerful voices of Emcees delivered lyrics of Black Empowerment, Racism, and Economics. This Era was considered The Revolutionary Movement and the shortest era in Hip Hop History. Emcees continue to challenge the issues and being the voice of the streets. The West Coast rappers shed a new light on the issues of police brutality and gang violence. Even though the west coast represented the gang-life, they also expressed the same Social issues related to the East Coast.

In the mid 90’s the sound of Social Consciousness had vanished. Drugs, Money and Violence had become the new trend called “gangsta’ rap”. The Back Pack Emcees still dominated The Underground Movement but the main focus was to keep the gangsta’ sound as the primary voice of the culture. Radio Stations had begun to program music in replace of the Dj’s. Record labels had paid radio stations to promote a certain song in heavy rotation around a certain hour of the day in difference Urban Demographic Areas. It seemed like the same song was being played every 13 minutes targeting a younger audience from the hours of 3:00pm-7:00pm.

In the high-light of Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and other cities that are dealing with violence, why aren’t there any songs that can heal these cities and put it into heavy rotation on every FM radio station? In the late 80’s and 90’s, the Black community was fighting Crimes and in the wake of the violence KRS One (Stop The Violence Movement) with various of Emcees deliver a power song called “Self Destruction, Slick Rick “Hey Young World” and the West Coast Rap All-Stars “We’re All in the Same Gang”. Today’s generation believes in becoming a successful Rapper, the lyrics must include genocide, corruption and verbal attack on Black woman. Artists promoting a false narrative by displaying a life they never lived and prison sentences they never served.

Positive music and the uplifting of the generation was never a factor, but rather use of lab rats. Music and instrumental beat taps into the body of human life, the affects can be positive or negative. A certain sound or sound effect can change one’s feelings and thoughts. It also can put the person into a deep thought and if interrupted it can be scary. When artists deliver their lyrics of violence it can cause a person to react in a violent way.

There are rap artists who make music about poverty, homelessness, and financial hardship, as other can relate. Our youth has stated how a rap song brought them out of depression and changed their lives for the better, especially children who lost their parents or dealing with a personal crisis in their lives. The purpose of Hip-Hop Culture was to re-inform and help shape the lives that are being affected by a crisis through music, art and dance. All Elements of Hip Hop still serve a purpose and a need to the culture, Hip Hop Culture will continue advocating peace and unity through the Streets, Schools and Universities. Hip Hop Culture is more than music; it is a movement that speaks a universal language.

Michele Hairston Hip Hop Educator/ Historian

The Silence of PTSD in Urban Children

Is it possible your students are suffering from PTSD? When we think of PTSD we think about the Men and Women serving in the Military or those coming home from combat. According to WebMD, PTSD , once called “shell shock” or “battle fatigue syndrome”, is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or threatened. PTSD is a lasting consequence of traumatic ordeals that causes intense fear, helplessness, or horror, such as a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, an accident, war, or natural disaster. Families of victims can also develop PTSD,as can emergency personnel and rescue workers.

Youth Social and Emotional behavior are caused by the untreated Trauma and horrifying condition of witnessing a Murder, Sounds of Guns discharging, or being a victim themselves or witnessing friends or a loved-one being murdered. Children and Teens who are traumatized by police interaction for Serving a Warrant, No Knock Raids, Swat Team or Aggressively removing a parent or love-one from their home or community.

Most inner-city schools do not have a counselor or therapist due to the funding or budget cuts from the state. The Youths Emotional disruptive outbursts causes Suspension or Expulsion from schools. Black and Latino Students have the highest rate of suspension and incarceration in American Schools. The problem is most educators have lack of knowledge of their students personal lives and living conditions. This can cause high school drop outs, lower academic scores and higher percentage of entering the Juvenile Centers, or in-Prison which in some states youth as young as 15 years old could be charged as an adult. Mental Health in the Black Community goes unnoticed and untreated. Children and Teens who are exposed to violence will eventually become a health risk, reduce developmental and poor social skills. In many cases will have a hard time coping and focusing during school.

The National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence indicates;
60 percent of children from birth to 17 years experience victimization and 38 percent witness violence at some point during their childhood.
In one study of inner-city 7-year-olds,
75 percent had heard gunshots, 60 percent had seen drug deals, 18 percent had seen a dead body, and 10 percent had seen a shooting or stabbing at home. So the question is, could PTSD be one of the causes of your students downfalls in Academics and Developmental Growth? Think about it, Children and Teens in high crime neighborhoods are effected by the crossfire of Urban warfare in their communities. School Age children from Elementary to High School who walk to and from school or coming home from Football, Basketball practice or After-School Programs are more likely at risk of being a target or witnessing some type of crime.

A parent who suffers from PTSD can affect the entire family. If the parent is dealing with an additional stress due to Economics hardship, raising the child with out an additional income or dealing with some type of depression it can be really bad. It can increase the child’s depression and educational Process. Schools should offer family and youth counseling to help families in need.

Children who are dealing with the lost of a family, friend or witnessed a persons death will show signs of PTSD especially if the Class Room Door or School Desk slams, children playing and make a unexpected sound that can startled the child and cause the person to react angrily . Sometimes it can causes a child to react by starting a fistfight with another child in their schools or community. I believe all schools should have counseling program to help Parents and Youth during or after school. I believe school officials should propose a budget to help fund counseling programs in Kindergarten, Junior High and High School to advance the progress of a child’s developmental growth.

If any of your students showing any signs of depression please refer them to a school specialist if one is in the building, or communicate with parents in helping to seek assistance for the child or Families need.

According to the Mayo Clinic, PTSD behavior ranges from
-Very aggressive
-Angry Outburst
-Aggressive Behavior

Group into four types;
Intrusive Memories,
Negative Changes in thinking and Mood
Changes in Emotional Reaction

If you notice any of these signs in your child, please contact your child’s physician and/or seek counseling sessions.

Hip Hop Educator/Historian
Not a Therapist!!!!!!!

Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Fundraiser



Hip Hop Education 4 Youth is a Educational Based Program that uses elements in Hip Hop to focus on trouble youth who struggles Socially and Emotionally and dealing with passed trauma in their lives. Partnering with the After-School and Community program in the Harrisburg Area to work with the teens in hoping to keep them in a safe environment, created projects to allow them to express themselves through the culture of Hip Hop.

HHE4Y mission is to used Hip Hop as a way to improve behavior, learn to socialized through proper communication and enhance problem solving ,disputes and anger management through prevention and control.

Goal: (Our 7 main goals)
Preserving the foundation and Purpose of Hip Hop Ideology.
using Hip Hop as a way to express themselves through Dance, Music and Art.
Decreased Youth going in and out of the Juvenile Center.
Learning and Understanding Self-Worth and Opinion matters.
Listen and comprehend to identify the problem and Solving.
Learning to defused the Anger before it escalate.
Identify the problem and hold self accountable.

Donated to HHE4Y:
Christine Strickland-Cobb (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Michelle Anthony (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Amanda Isley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Alisha Glenn (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Suzanne Martinez (Duncannon Pennsylvania)
Terell Mosbley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Craig Andrus (Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)
Dj Craig Andrus: /Email
Bryan Wentz( Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)

Special Thanks to Holistic Heights Ministries for donating to Hip Hop Education 4 Youth

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Damon Blair-Jones, a 2016 Graduate of McDevitt High School and Collage students started an organization on Financial Literacy to help the Harrisburg Community.

The Co-Founder of Harrisburg Organization for Minority Enrichment (H.O.M.E.) is a locally run nonprofit organization in Harrisburg, PA. The purpose of H.O.M.E. is to create an outlet for Harrisburg and Harrisburg Area residents to design, construct, and implement programs/events geared towards bettering the community’s environment, residents, and bond.

The Organization plans to hold events that are based around educational, environmental, art, and athletic aspects. The organization was founded in March 2017, by local college students with a vision of creating a difference.




2nd Annual Celebration of Life Fundraiser Jam Master Jay Event

2nd Annual Celebration of Life Fundraiser Jam Master Jay Event
All process will benefit the Jam Master Jay Foundation For Youth

Please come out and support the Jam Master Jay birthday celebration.
January 22, 2018
SOB 204 Varick St, New York, NY 10014
$20 Advance Tickets
$25 at the Door


Hosted by Big Jeff and Frank Jugga 

Performance By 
Dres of (Black Sheep)
T LA Rock

Music By
Jam Master J’Son
ScratchMasta Jazzy Jay
Dj Scratch
Dj Ace
GrandMaster Vic
Dj Mell Starr
Dj Dice

Purchase your ticket in advance:
Go to


A Hip Hop Icon is born today.





The Koolest Living Legend in Hip Hop is Born today and we’re honoring his legancy and years he contributed in Hip Hop Culture and Music. On November 27, 1956, Fredrick Crute was born. The Harlem Based Icon who is credit being one of the founding Fathers in Hip Hop started his careers in the late 70s. The icon legacy as a radio personnel with Sirius XM, WBLS, Hot 97, Power 105 , 98.7 Kiss FM for 11 years have given unsign and upcoming artist a voice on the Airways . Red Alert is credited to be one of the longest Dj’s and radio personal in Hip Hop.

Kool Dj Red Alert helped artist on Business Mangment, Artist Development and Produced various artists. He managed the Jungle Brothers and A Trible called Quest and became a member of the Boogie Down Production founded by KRS ONE.

He made guest appearance in over 50+ Hip Hop videos and featured on Mixtapes, and Albums. He recevied numerous Awards from Life Time Achivement and Proclumations through out his careers. He was feature in Rolling Stones magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in music. The Icon is currently promoting “Prop Master Retro” and continue his involvement with Violators founded by the Late Chris Lighty.

Kool Dj Red Alert is aired on WBLS every Saturday from 6:00pm-7:00pm Est. You can listen to the radio station livestream if you’re not in the New York City area.

Today lets honor our Icon, Mentor, Husband, Uncle, Father, Brother ,Cousin and POPS on his 61st birthday. Question, how many can say they’re 61 years old and can still get down on the Turntables?


Twitter KoolDjRedAlert
Instagram Kooldjredalert
Instgram PropmasterRetro

Go and check out the MIXCRATE by DJ RED ALERT