Hip Hop Word Building Lesson

“Hip Hop Culture” in Many Words
Lesson Plan By :Michele Hairston ©2015
Hip Hop Educator/ Historian

Target Group:
Grades: 3rd -5th / 6th-8th
Group of 5 (15 or more students)
School District/ After School Program
Time: 50 Minutes

Material Needed:
-Lined Writing Paper
-Chalk Board
-Poster Board
Special Treat/Incentive

Objective :
-Using words building to elevate the mind of your students.
-Thinking Skills and using Word Building as apart of Hip Hop/Education and Words Fundamental.
-The Philosophy of Hip Hop and History.
-Recognizing its main 5 Elements of Hip Hop.
-Discuss the Demographic of Hip Hop History.

– Understanding Hip Hop is a Educational Movement.
– Social /Communication Skills and Team work using Hip Hop Education.
– Enhancement on Writing, Spelling . Pronunciation and Reading Skills using Hip Hop Education.

1.What is Hip Hop Culture?
2.Who is the Founder of Hip Hop?
3.Discuss the different era’s in Hip Hop.
4.What are the Main 5 Elements? Aerosol/ Writing (Graffiti), Dj, Breaking, Emcee, Knowledge.

-Asked your students which Element of Hip Hop is more popular?
-Discuss the Positive, Negative, Social Issue in the Music, Culture and Media.
-Asked each student to give you (5) Positive words to defined “HIP HOP CULTURE”.

1.Place your students in groups of 3-5 depending how many students you have in your classroom.
2.Select a writer and a group leader in charge of the project to help direct His/ Her peers.
3 Give your students the instruction of the project make sure they comprehend the lesson well.
4.Start the timer at 3:00 minutes.
5.Once 3:00 Minutes is up have your student to raise their hands with their pencil showing no one isn’t cheating.
6.Each group will walk in front of the classroom together saying each word on their paper.
7. Have each writer to count how many words they have on their paper.
8.Once the numbers are tally up have each group to use Good Sportsmanship to congratulate the winning group on their Achievement.

How challenging was the lesson?
How well your team mates used their communication Skills and Team Work for this project to be successful?
Give me 5 Words that describes Hip Hop Culture from the Project.

MicheleHairston ©2015