Chance the Rapper Donates $1million Dollars

Hip Hop is more than Music, it’s a movement!!!

Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native has donated $1 Million Dollars from his ticket Sales to the Chicago Public school Foundation “for arts and enrichment” programming on Monday March 6,2017. The Emcee is asking others to join the fight “Take Care of Chicago Kids”.

Respect to Chance the Rapper, The 5th Element of Hip Hop Culture.


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“Melanin Girl Story”

                                                                                COMING IN 2017
8809 Films and Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Presents “Melanin Girl Story” a documentary that touches on issues of Colorism, Discrimination and Challenges Darker Girls and Woman have to face while living in today’s society.
We are interviewing African-American Girls and Woman from the Central Pennsylvania area who had experience Racism, Stereotype, discrimination, Teased and a target within their own race. Many who had suffered Trauma and Depression by fighting for expectancy.
Our goal is to bring the awareness and educated the Central Pa area and uniting Black,Brown and our Light Skinned Girls by embracing and creating a solutions.melanin-girl-banner

Hip Hop Against Violence Seminar and Workshop

  The Hip Hop Against Violence Seminar/ Workshop with the Jam MasterJay and Embracing A.R.M.S

The 9th Annual Hip Hop Against Violence is a movement of Artist and Activist who are taking a stand to “Stop The Violence” and using Hip Hop as a tool to bridge the gap by unified the Community, Schools and Educators through Assemblies Performances, Lectures and Workshop. This year Event and Seminar will focus on Leadership , Social Justice, Criminology of Minorities, Hip Hop Culture -vs- Music Industry and Disadvancement of our Youth.

HHAV started in 2006 by Hip Hop Educator and Historian Michele Hairston who founded the Unifying Through the Hip Hop Culture, Harrisburg City Breakers and a dedicated member of Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania Chapter. Ms. Hairston started this movement to seek peace and unity by using Education, Entertainment and Arts through the Hip Hop Culture and its movement. In 2008 the HHAV merge with the Jam Master Jay Foundation 4 Youth and Embracing A.R.M.S. both are 501c3 to expand the movement.

The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Co-founded by Connie Mizell-Perry and Marvin Thompson, the mother and brother of the late hip hop legend, the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth continues Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell’s legacy of creating and supporting educational and economic opportunities for youth and young adults from ages 6 – 21, and honours Mizell’s many contributions to hip hop culture and music history. 

Embracing ARMS, Inc. is a non profit organization established in 2005 by three women who shared a passion for community development, social change, youth leadership and parent empowerment. Embracing Arms mission is to embrace the community by sharing knowledge, empowering our families, and implementing programs that can have a long lasting impact of the lives of our participants. Our vision is to empower families to take charge of their health, education and safety within the community in which they live.

I want to thank all the Participants of the event for showing support and speaking against the violence, racism and the un-justice of our youth.

I want to personally thank Pennsylvania State Representative Patty Kim, Breaking Chains, Drama TV, Zulu Bratz , Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth, M.I.H Entertainment, Enspire, Amya Roxxstar, MC Candy and Massa.  Thank you to all the Panelist, Sister Queen Rafiqya, Jamillia Charles, Marvin Thompson, Legendary Larry Love, Shadeed Muhammad (FOI/ NOI) Mikee, Justin, Tiger, Lamont, Kevin Dauphin, Anwar ,Bro. Ken, Minister Lavelle Muhammad and Queen Muhammad of Mosque 49 for sharing your words of encouragement, educating the audience and coming together to bring a solution  to the community. 


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Photo By 

Jamillah London 
Larry Love 
Justin Lopez


Rapsody by Michelle Lowery

By: Michelle ”Shelly” Lowery 
Marshall School 6th Grade 
Harrisburg School District (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)     

“Culture Over Everything”



Rapsody, born Marlanna Evans on January 21, 1988 in North Carolina. Rapsody is a female Hip Hop Artist/ MC who rap about positivity. Her label is Jamla Records who she is associated with 9th Wonder (Producer) and both are members of the Universal Zulu Nation North Carolina. She is so Popular she even has her own website 

Rapsody raps to inspire the next generation of youth.”I want to inspire little girls, especially little black girls” which she said on Me and Rapsody are fans of Michael Jackson,Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill and one of her biggest inspiration is 9th Wonder (Producer).

Rapsody was on the BET cypher and Team BackPack freestyling displaying her rhyming Skills.

Rapsody said “I put my energy into the people that really love this culture…and that’s how you fight.”If Rapsody could do a repeat on any 2 songs she would do Lauryn Hill “Tell Him” and Her song “Hard to Choose”.

A Question was asked “What Project are you most Proud of? Rapsody said “Beauty in the Beast,” 

I think Rapsody inspires little black girls because she want them to feel special and inspired. She want to be who people could look up too.

By: Michelle ”Shelly” Lowery (Hip Hop 101 History Class )

Who is Tishiro

Hip Hop Teen of the Week 

Feb 16th-Feb 22nd


A Brooklyn native who love the Art of Graffiti Writing and a Bboy lives the life of a young Hip Hop Educator.  Tishiro Jones who is a bboy and a Graffiti Writer is apart of a crew called Star City Rebels and the Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania youth chapter called Zulu Bratz . Tishiro who is a twin enter the world of Hip Hop at the age of 10 following his oldest brother footsteps. He became a Graffiti writer by creating his own style and tagging in his black book. 


Tishiro who teaches the elements of Bboying in the Harrisburg City School to youth from the ages of 8-13 years old learned the life of a Hip Hop Educator and using his knowledge which he was taught by other Hip Hop Educators and Pioneers . Tishiro is on tour with the Hip Hop Against Violence who partner with the Jam Master Jay Foundation and Embracing Arms Inc which both is a 501 C3 Non Profit, On the tour Shiro is battling his chapter member to display peace and unity through Hip Hop and the Art of Dance.  If you want to know more about Tishiro go to his Facebook page and requested him.