A Hip Hop Icon is born today.





The Koolest Living Legend in Hip Hop is Born today and we’re honoring his legancy and years he contributed in Hip Hop Culture and Music. On November 27, 1956, Fredrick Crute was born. The Harlem Based Icon who is credit being one of the founding Fathers in Hip Hop started his careers in the late 70s. The icon legacy as a radio personnel with Sirius XM, WBLS, Hot 97, Power 105 , 98.7 Kiss FM for 11 years have given unsign and upcoming artist a voice on the Airways . Red Alert is credited to be one of the longest Dj’s and radio personal in Hip Hop.

Kool Dj Red Alert helped artist on Business Mangment, Artist Development and Produced various artists. He managed the Jungle Brothers and A Trible called Quest and became a member of the Boogie Down Production founded by KRS ONE.

He made guest appearance in over 50+ Hip Hop videos and featured on Mixtapes, and Albums. He recevied numerous Awards from Life Time Achivement and Proclumations through out his careers. He was feature in Rolling Stones magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in music. The Icon is currently promoting “Prop Master Retro” and continue his involvement with Violators founded by the Late Chris Lighty.

Kool Dj Red Alert is aired on WBLS every Saturday from 6:00pm-7:00pm Est. You can listen to the radio station livestream if you’re not in the New York City area.

Today lets honor our Icon, Mentor, Husband, Uncle, Father, Brother ,Cousin and POPS on his 61st birthday. Question, how many can say they’re 61 years old and can still get down on the Turntables?


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Harrisburg Hip Hop Debate



“All About Bridging the Gap in Hip Hop Culture”

Hip Hop was formed in an economic struggle that gains over a billion dollars per year. Through the financial up-bring in Hip Hop many artist only seen maybe 1% of the profit. It will take at lease 10 years as a sign artist to become a millionaire and still owning their labels a percentage of their profit.

Hip Hop and its elements has been replaced with Violence, Ego-Tripping,verbal and physical attack on one another.
Male Rap Artist showing off their Overly Masculinity and anger issues towards Black Woman as Black Woman are expressing their anger towards one another.

The Birth of Hip Hip was around the 1970’s in the South and West Bronx. The culture has spread throughout the country as many incorporated their own platform. Hip Hop timeline between 1970 through 1989 have given the voice of freedom, hope and encouragement as it fought against the Oppression, Violences and Racism.

In the mid 90’s the sound of Social Consciousness had vanished. Drugs, Money and Violence had become the new trend called “Gangsta Rap”. The Back Pack Emcees still dominated The Underground Movement but the main focus was to keep the Gangsta’ sound as the primary voice of the culture. Radio Stations had begun to program music in replace of the Dj’s. Record labels had paid radio stations to promote a certain song in heavy rotation around a certain hour of the day in difference Urban Demographic Areas.

In the 2000 /Millennium, the social Media and internet gave many artist a freedom to promote their music. Youtube gave many viewers a visual on the variety of music and sounds worldwide. But also gave an insight and un-sensor on the violence and brutal attack in the Black Community through their music. As many weight in about Hip Hop and Violences there is a group defending the controversy saying its art.

Hip Hop and Rap Music have always influence the black culture whether their dealing with depression or tap into the spirit to wild-out. Hip Hop and Music which its to separate entity has always unified all elements as a form of Peace. On May 20, 2017 in the awake of Hip Hop Appreciation Hip Hop Education will host the 1 Annual Hip Hop Debate. The panelist of Young and Older Hip Hop Artist of all elements who have different views on the state of Hip Hop and the influences on today’s generation will debate of the issues and create a solution.

Hip Hop Debate Part 1
Who’s your Boss?
Lawsuit Artist are facing when fighting to become independent.
Should Rappers be held Accountable for their violence lyrics?
Is Mumbling Rap Acceptable or UnAcceptable?
The Un-Expectance of Dark-Skin Woman.
Don’t Blame Hip Hop for the violence in the community.
Bridging the Gap

Happy Birthday to Grand Wizard Theodore

Dj Grand Wizard Theodore (Inventor of Scratch Techniques/ Needle Drop) 

Grand Wizard Theodore, an member of the Fantastic Five/ Universal Zulu Nation born on March 5,1963 in the South Bronx, New York became a Hip Hop Legend by inventing the Scratch Technique & Needle Drops on (TurnTables). Today Grand Wizard Theodore is 53 years old still Djing and Scratching on albums. The Hip Hop Icon is teaching the new generation of future Dj’s the History, Foundation and Skills of an Dj, Scratching and Needle Drop on the Turntables. 

Happy Birthday Grand Wizard Theodore