The NYC Graffiti visitors and events center will Featured ” Video Music Box 30″ of Ralph McDaniels

The NYC Graffiti visitors and events center will host the "Video Music Box 30" featuring Ralph McDaniel on Friday June 22, 2018 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. This event is to support the 2018 Graffiti Hall of Fame Art & Music Festival. The donate of 30.00 is requested. For additional information please email  

Harrisburg Hip Hop Debate

    "All About Bridging the Gap in Hip Hop Culture" Hip Hop was formed in an economic struggle that gains over a billion dollars per year. Through the financial up-bring in Hip Hop many artist only seen maybe 1% of the profit. It will take at lease 10 years as a sign artist to … Continue reading Harrisburg Hip Hop Debate


5 Elements of Hip Hop By Michele Hairston©2016 5th (Knowledge) Wisdom and Overstanding (Lost Element in Hip Hop ) The Knowledge and Facts on Hip Hop Culture and History. The 5th is the most important Element in Hip Hop because it create an awareness, experience and understanding. Without the knowledge of Hip Hop the Artist … Continue reading 5 ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP

Who is Tishiro

Hip Hop Teen of the Week  Feb 16th-Feb 22nd A Brooklyn native who love the Art of Graffiti Writing and a Bboy lives the life of a young Hip Hop Educator.  Tishiro Jones who is a bboy and a Graffiti Writer is apart of a crew called Star City Rebels and the Universal Zulu Nation … Continue reading Who is Tishiro