Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Fundraiser



Hip Hop Education 4 Youth is a Educational Based Program that uses elements in Hip Hop to focus on trouble youth who struggles Socially and Emotionally and dealing with passed trauma in their lives. Partnering with the After-School and Community program in the Harrisburg Area to work with the teens in hoping to keep them in a safe environment, created projects to allow them to express themselves through the culture of Hip Hop.

HHE4Y mission is to used Hip Hop as a way to improve behavior, learn to socialized through proper communication and enhance problem solving ,disputes and anger management through prevention and control.

Goal: (Our 7 main goals)
Preserving the foundation and Purpose of Hip Hop Ideology.
using Hip Hop as a way to express themselves through Dance, Music and Art.
Decreased Youth going in and out of the Juvenile Center.
Learning and Understanding Self-Worth and Opinion matters.
Listen and comprehend to identify the problem and Solving.
Learning to defused the Anger before it escalate.
Identify the problem and hold self accountable.

Donated to HHE4Y:
Christine Strickland-Cobb (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Michelle Anthony (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Amanda Isley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Alisha Glenn (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Suzanne Martinez (Duncannon Pennsylvania)
Terell Mosbley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Craig Andrus (Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)
Dj Craig Andrus: /Email
Bryan Wentz( Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)

Special Thanks to Holistic Heights Ministries for donating to Hip Hop Education 4 Youth

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Hip Hop in Harrisburg School District

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Hip Hop Educator/ Instructors Ms. Michele & Zulu Bratz Film By Michele Hairston©

The Bboy workshop is a class which target Students who lack in Social Skills ,Emotional and Behavioral Problems from grades 1st- 12th, we teach the basic skills of Foundation, Musicality, Fundamentals and more important the History of the original Hip Hop Dance.

Our Mission is to Bridge a Gap and promote a better Social and Communication skills through Breaking and Education System. Here is a small Documentary that was created by my 1st- 5th Grade Breaking Class in Harrisburg School District. Enjoy! 





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The TOUR is on its way we will start the Tour at Marshall School Thursday December 5, 2013. Our line up is 



HOST : RED DA LERT (Harrisburg City Breakers/ Zulu Bratz)

ACE ( Dance is Passion Crew/ Zulu Bratz )

REELIST RICAN -Founder of (Dance is Passion Crew/ Zulu Bratz )

YOUNG SWERVE (Zulu Bratz) 

TRACK 3 (Star City Rebelz/ Zulu Bratz) 

BLAZIN (Survival Of the Illest/ Zulu Bratz 

CHAMPLOO (Survival of the Illest) 

HHAV have partner up with the Jam Master Jay Foundation ( JMJ Foundation 4 Youth and Embracing Arm inc. )which both are 501 c 3 Non Profit.

Hip Hop Against Violence School Tour is a movement of young artist who is taking a stand to “Stop The Violence” and using Hip Hop as a tool to bridge the gap and unified the Community, Schools and Educators through Assemblies performances, Lectures and Workshop. The tour will consist of Break Dancers, Emcees, Poets and Speaker of victims families, or victim of Gun Violence.

HHAV started in 2006 by Hip Hop Educator and Historian Michele Hairston who founded the Unifying Through the Hip Hop Culture, Harrisburg City Breakers and a dedicated member of Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania Chapter.  Ms. Hairston started this movement to seek peace and unity by using Education, Entertainment and Arts through the Hip Hop Culture & Music.

In 2013, Shawn Vaughan, James Brickus, Elijah Ellis and Quinton Coker (Nephew of Jam Master Jay) had a vision to take the HHAV tour back into the schools to Perform and to improve the negative image of Hip Hop Culture by creating a energetic and fun event to engage with the students in a Auditorium Concert setting. The is a very interacting event with a dance battle, positive emcee battles an amazing performance from the Zulu Bratz and more. If you want this event at your school please email us at

Here is our page

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Who is Rugz Rattz




A dedicated Bboy who believe in the culture is a live saver especially for his generation. Rugz Rattz, The Younest Bboy in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a member of the Universal Zulu Nation Youth Chapter called Zulu Bratz, Harrisburg City Breakers bboy crew and a very energetic 12-year-old youth. His bboy career started by watching his sister and brothers enter competition, doing street battles and watching his favorite bboy Gravity from 5 Dynasty crew. His first competition was a street battle in Harrisburg Pennsylvania against another city called York Pennsylvania who were Bboys as well. He took the initiative to jump in the battle to show his skills.

He studied the culture and was trained by his sister BGirl Sassie and Brother Lil Mikey Ice who is in the same crew as him. As time went on  Rugz Rattz travel up and down the east coast battling different crews from all over the world. He been in International Bboy competition to regular Street battles. He battle infamous crews such as Rock Steady Crew, The Bronx Boys , HBO Crew, and more. On his off time Rugz Rattz goes into the schools and teach other youth his age how to dance.

In 2013, Rugz Rattz along with his Chapter and Bboy Crew will be touring with the Hip Hop Against Violence Movement to different schools to display their talent and speak to the youth about the overwhelming crimes that is going on in the Black and Latino community. He said he want to be a voice for his generation and be a good example and lead by his word.

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