Hip Hop Appreciation week 2017

Hip Hop Appreciation week  MAY 15TH-MAY 21ST 2017

I am asking all Hip Hop Educators and Scholars to donate their time and educate a youth on the History of Hip Hop and its elements. If we the preservers of Hip Hop we must continue educating the next generation without judgement and personal opinon.
-Queen Michele




9 Elements of Hip Hop Kulture


9 Elements of Hip Hop Kulture 

(1) Breakin

(2) Emceein

(3) Graffiti Art

(4) Deejayin

(5) Beat Boxin

(6) Fashion

(7) Language

(8) Knowledge

(9) Entrepreneurialism- in a way that challenges the public’s current perceptions of these Hip Hop Elements.

Temple of Hip Hop/ Hip Hop Appreciation Week May 18th- May 24th 2015