Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Fundraiser

  Hip Hop Education 4 Youth is a Educational Based Program that uses elements in Hip Hop to focus on trouble youth who struggles Socially and Emotionally and dealing with passed trauma in their lives. Partnering with the After-School and Community program in the Harrisburg Area to work with the teens in hoping to keep … Continue reading Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Fundraiser

Hip Hop Quiz of the Day? Which Artist Sample this song?

WHICH ARTIST SAMPLE THIS SONG? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a46RQMuHlo JCole Jay Electronica           Kendrick Lamar        Percee P


The Philosophy of an Emcee lost it element due to mainstream music but there are some who is willing to break this stereotype for their generation. Meet Mc. Candy (10 Years Old Emcee) Amya Roxxstar (13 Years Old Emcee, Model) and Dj Glo (10 Years old Emcee, Producer & Dj) who are killing the culture with there Lyrical Ambition and Creative word Pattern .While … Continue reading MEET 3 FEMALE EMCEES UNDER THE AGE OF 14

Thank you to Slovo Magazine for the Article on Zulu Queen Michele

Thank you Slovo for Interviewing me for Hip Hop History Month. Hip Hop Magazine SLOVO #23 with an interview of Zulu Queen Michele  You Can read the Article in different Language.  Espanol  Deutsch Portugues (Brasil/ Portugal)  French  Italiano Russian  http://slovomag.com/index.php/magazine/357-qslovoq-23 http://issuu.com/slovomagazine/docs/slovo_23__english_language_