Hip Hop Education 4 Youth Fundraiser



Hip Hop Education 4 Youth is a Educational Based Program that uses elements in Hip Hop to focus on trouble youth who struggles Socially and Emotionally and dealing with passed trauma in their lives. Partnering with the After-School and Community program in the Harrisburg Area to work with the teens in hoping to keep them in a safe environment, created projects to allow them to express themselves through the culture of Hip Hop.

HHE4Y mission is to used Hip Hop as a way to improve behavior, learn to socialized through proper communication and enhance problem solving ,disputes and anger management through prevention and control.

Goal: (Our 7 main goals)
Preserving the foundation and Purpose of Hip Hop Ideology.
using Hip Hop as a way to express themselves through Dance, Music and Art.
Decreased Youth going in and out of the Juvenile Center.
Learning and Understanding Self-Worth and Opinion matters.
Listen and comprehend to identify the problem and Solving.
Learning to defused the Anger before it escalate.
Identify the problem and hold self accountable.

Donated to HHE4Y:
Christine Strickland-Cobb (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Michelle Anthony (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Amanda Isley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Alisha Glenn (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Suzanne Martinez (Duncannon Pennsylvania)
Terell Mosbley (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Craig Andrus (Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)
Dj Craig Andrus: /Email
Bryan Wentz( Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania)

Special Thanks to Holistic Heights Ministries for donating to Hip Hop Education 4 Youth

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Today in Hip Hop History


Yo MTV Raps

August 6 1988-August 17, 1995


Created by Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty on August 6, 1988 Hip Hop went on a Cable network. Giving the world the image of the true culture of Hip Hop and the Emcees from the East, West ,Midwest and Down south Artist. The Show consisted of Interviews, Performance and showing of Music Videos. The Host of the show was Ed Lover and Dr. Dre on Weekends Fab 5 Freddy. On August 17, 1995 the series ended with an amazing performance by many of the Hip Hop Artist. Today Yo MTV would had been 26 years old.


Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty

I would get into daily debates about who are the illest Emcees alive, I had my opinion and being the only female in this debate with Sean Brown, Marcus Blackstone, Late Mike Black, Frankie Holmes, Dj Smitty and the late Dj Ron Ski we would argue for hours outside the School, basement parties or just a good ole cypher battle on lyrics, Skills and Rhymes. After School I would rush home to do my homework and prepared to watch Yo MTV Raps which it aired couple days a week from 4:00pm-5:00pm and prepare myself for the Hip Hop Debate the next day. I remember watching the interview and performance on Eric B and Rakim becoming a diehard fan going back to school the next day pleading my case and of course the argument wasn’t debatable because others felt the same way.

Yo MTV Raps displayed the most incredible emcees of all time. Giving the viewers who weren’t able to get Hip Hop Music and visual directly. In Harrisburg Pennsylvania, WIZZfm was the first Black Radio station in the 80’s and by Late 80’s it went off air and the listeners was subjected to a radio station called Wink 104fm that played Pop, Rock, and Country for a city that is made up of 70% African-Americans. MTV aired on the Cable Channel 27 in Harrisburg which it gave many listeners an outlet and visual of the Hip Hop Artist and Music videos.

yomtvraps image_4

Ed Lover and Dr. Dre                                                                                  Fab 5 Freddy

Check out some of the video of YO MTV RAPS

Raz Simone by Tashawn Kelly

Raz Simone By: Tyshawn Kelly
7th Grader Camp Curtin School 
Harrisburg School District (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Hip Hop 101 Education Class

“My influences are my life experiences” 









Raz Simone is a Hip Hop Artist from Seattle Washington who started his career as a poet. Raz Simone never listen to music until he was order. He founded his entertainment company called Black Umbrella which he Produced, Graphic Design, Direct Music Videos through his company and have employees who help him work in his company.

Mr. Raz Simone is apart of 300 a record label founded by Kevin Liles ,Lyon Cohn and Todd Miscowitz. 300 is distribute through Atlantic Records and Raz Simone is the first artist to be sign with them. Raz Simone rap about life and struggle using powerful words mixing it with poetry. Last summer Raz Simone went on a 58 city tour across the country with other Hip Hop Artist. 

What I have learned about Raz Simone is he is very powerful and I learn to be my own boss and independent. I learned I can build my own business in a positive way and help other with employment. 

Here is Raz Simone Interview on MTV 

By Tashawn Kelly (Hip Hop 101 History Class) 



Hip Hop Child of the Week “Who is Lil Will”

Who is Lil Will? 

November 2nd – November 9th 2014IMG_9906

Who is Lil Wil? a young inspiring Emcee who loves the art of Hip Hop and the Element of an Emcee. William Spriggs a 12 year old artist from Harrisburg Pennsylvania who grew up listen to Old School Hip Hop Music which taught him that Hip Hop is a positive way of life. Lil Wil Studying the culture and participating in the Hip Hop 101 Class at his School which give him the outlet to be more creative as a Artist. Lil Wil created a catchy hook called “A’s on my Test” which he turn the Catchy Hook into a beautiful Song. Lil Wil goal as a Hip Hop Artist is to change the negative stereotype about the culture. Lil Wil is working on another a powerful song about the issues that surrounds his community that effect his peers. 


Lil Wil hoping one day to meet his Idol Kris Parker known as the Legendary KRS 1, an Hip Hop Legend, Activist,Philosopher and founder of the Temple Of Hip Hop who known for hit songs called “Bridge is Over”, “My Philosophy”, “Hip Hop Lives” and “I Was There”. I asked Lil Will which song is his favorite by the Blast Master KRS One? he replied “A Friend” because the song is sending a positive message also his Lyrical Flow his nice.


Lil Will Goal is to be a Successful Artist and a Musician. He want his music to be inspiring and life-changing for his peers and the community. The 7th Grader is currently working on his music and collaborating with other Hip Hop Youth who are also around the same age as him. 


Who is Tishiro

Hip Hop Teen of the Week 

Feb 16th-Feb 22nd


A Brooklyn native who love the Art of Graffiti Writing and a Bboy lives the life of a young Hip Hop Educator.  Tishiro Jones who is a bboy and a Graffiti Writer is apart of a crew called Star City Rebels and the Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania youth chapter called Zulu Bratz . Tishiro who is a twin enter the world of Hip Hop at the age of 10 following his oldest brother footsteps. He became a Graffiti writer by creating his own style and tagging in his black book. 


Tishiro who teaches the elements of Bboying in the Harrisburg City School to youth from the ages of 8-13 years old learned the life of a Hip Hop Educator and using his knowledge which he was taught by other Hip Hop Educators and Pioneers . Tishiro is on tour with the Hip Hop Against Violence who partner with the Jam Master Jay Foundation and Embracing Arms Inc which both is a 501 C3 Non Profit, On the tour Shiro is battling his chapter member to display peace and unity through Hip Hop and the Art of Dance.  If you want to know more about Tishiro go to his Facebook page and requested him.