Hip Hop Against Violence School Tour


8885161393_e9bab71462_o copy 6HHAV have partner up with the Jam Master Jay Foundation called JMJ Foundation 4 Youth and Embracing Arm inc. which both are 501 c 3 Non Profit.

Hip Hop Against Violence School Tour is a movement of young artist who is taking a stand to “Stop The Violence” and using Hip Hop as a tool to bridge the gap and unified the Community, Schools and Educators through Assemblies performances, Lectures and Workshop. The tour will consist of Break Dancers, Emcees, Poets and Speaker of victims families, or victim of Gun Violence.

HHAV started in 2006 by Hip Hop Educator and Historian Michele Hairston who founded the Unifying Through the Hip Hop Culture, Harrisburg City Breakers and a dedicated member of Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania Chapter.  Ms. Hairston started this movement to seek peace and unity by using Education, Entertainment and Arts through the Hip Hop Culture & Music.

In 2013, Shawn Vaughan, James Brickus, Elijah Ellis and Quinton Coker (Nephew of Jam Master Jay) had a vision to take the HHAV tour back into the schools to Perform and to improve the negative image of Hip Hop Culture by creating a energetic and fun event to engage with the students in a Auditorium Concert setting. The event will display a  dance battle, positive emcee battles an amazing performance from the Zulu Bratz and more. If you want this event at your school please email us at zulubratz@hotmail.com

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Who is Bailrok?


October 6th-October 12th 




Bboy Bailrok, an true representation of Hip Hop Culture and a very intelligent youth who is doing positive things in his generation. Bailrok, the youngest member of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew and also a member of Prodigy in Las Vegas. You may have seen Bailrok on shows like Ellen DeGeneres, America’s Got Talent – Season 5 as a Semi-Finalist, 2010 NBA All Star Game and Slam Dunk, Dancing with the stars, Ubisoft – Just Dance Kids 2 Video Game, Disney’s Shake It Up , Nick Jr.’s Fresh Beat Band and the list goes on. He also was featured in the music videos and a commercial for the singer Chris Brown. 

Bailrok travel all over the world to perform, compete and do special appearance with other big named artist & dancers.  In 2013 he won the Juste Debout Top Rock World Championship in Paris, France.  Bailrok is the youngest contestant to ever win. 

Children of all ages look up to him as he inspires all to dance.  Bailrok is one of the most talented and motivated youth of his generation. Bboy Bailrok lives by the belief, “YOU’RE NEVER TOO LITTLE TO DREAM BIG”.  

Bailrok, I’m so proud of you – continue to make me smile as I watch you on the big screen.   Stay doing positive things and live your dream!

To booked bailrok contact management bailrok@yahoo.com