Immortal Technique By Kiana

Immortal Technique By: Kiana Delacruz 
6th Grade Marshall School 
Harrisburg School District 

“Realize that we are one, regardless of our birthplace.”










Immortal Technique is a Hip Hop Activist from Peru, but raised in Harlem New York City. His Birth name is Felipe Andre Coronel. Immortal Technique is apart of the Guerrilla Republik, Universal Zulu Nation and also sign to Viper Records.

Immortal Technique is an Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist who started his career as a teenager. He would record himself and sell his songs in front of different stores but mainly Fat Beat. He have songs that represent what is going on in the world. He expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as struggles, Socialism, Poverty, Religion, Goverment and institutional racism. Immortal Technique also build an orphanage with his own money in Afghanistan. Immortal Technique want to change the world through his music and tell people the truth on what is going on in the world. 


By: Kiana Delacruz (Hip Hop 101) 

Hip Hop Against Violence School Tour


8885161393_e9bab71462_o copy 6HHAV have partner up with the Jam Master Jay Foundation called JMJ Foundation 4 Youth and Embracing Arm inc. which both are 501 c 3 Non Profit.

Hip Hop Against Violence School Tour is a movement of young artist who is taking a stand to “Stop The Violence” and using Hip Hop as a tool to bridge the gap and unified the Community, Schools and Educators through Assemblies performances, Lectures and Workshop. The tour will consist of Break Dancers, Emcees, Poets and Speaker of victims families, or victim of Gun Violence.

HHAV started in 2006 by Hip Hop Educator and Historian Michele Hairston who founded the Unifying Through the Hip Hop Culture, Harrisburg City Breakers and a dedicated member of Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania Chapter.  Ms. Hairston started this movement to seek peace and unity by using Education, Entertainment and Arts through the Hip Hop Culture & Music.

In 2013, Shawn Vaughan, James Brickus, Elijah Ellis and Quinton Coker (Nephew of Jam Master Jay) had a vision to take the HHAV tour back into the schools to Perform and to improve the negative image of Hip Hop Culture by creating a energetic and fun event to engage with the students in a Auditorium Concert setting. The event will display a  dance battle, positive emcee battles an amazing performance from the Zulu Bratz and more. If you want this event at your school please email us at

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Who is Maysa (of the JuJu Babies)


October 27th- November 2nd


Maysa Madihah Kent-Yother, is an eight-year-old spoken word artist who was born in Harrisburg, Pa. She have been following her father Jubair footsteps as a spoken word artist since she was 3 years old .This little quiet 3rd grader speaks on her Generation, Non-violence, Peace and Motivation. 

Maysa has begin writing her own original peaces about a year ago. She also has great memorization skills as she memorized her own peaces and some of her father’s. She has done plenty of stages performing and a duet called “Official Bling Bling” with her father.  She is a gifted student at Melrose Elementary School in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and enjoys gymnastics, playing with her friends and writing poetry. A truly beautiful spirit with an enormous heart who loves to encourage and motivate other children to use their creativity to uplift.  To Lil Mama Im so proud of you keep up the good work. 

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Who is Temar Boggs


September 29th-October 6th 


Temar Boggs Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Tamika Boggs

Who is Temar Boggs? A 15 Year older Pennsylvanian who became a hero after saving a child from her kidnapper. On Thursday Afternoon a 5 year-old Jocelyn Rojas vanished from her front yard. The Authority believes the young child was abducted by a man who lured her into his car. Temar was helping a neighbor moving furniture when he heard the news. He notified his friend Chris who both got their bikes and jumped into action. Boggs spotted a car and noticed Rojas in the passages seat. Temar chased the car down for 15 minutes, once the man became scare he pushed the child out of the car and drove off.  The 5 Year old ran to Temar wanting her mother.  Temar escorted Rojas to the Police, “First she didn’t want to leave my arms because she was scared they were gonna do something to her,” said Boggs. Boggs was greeted with cheers from screaming searchers on their heroic act. From the Hip Hop Education 4 Youth, Temar  you are my hero. Thanks you for your Call on Duty to help save a child.