Who is Tishiro

Hip Hop Teen of the Week 

Feb 16th-Feb 22nd


A Brooklyn native who love the Art of Graffiti Writing and a Bboy lives the life of a young Hip Hop Educator.  Tishiro Jones who is a bboy and a Graffiti Writer is apart of a crew called Star City Rebels and the Universal Zulu Nation Pennsylvania youth chapter called Zulu Bratz . Tishiro who is a twin enter the world of Hip Hop at the age of 10 following his oldest brother footsteps. He became a Graffiti writer by creating his own style and tagging in his black book. 


Tishiro who teaches the elements of Bboying in the Harrisburg City School to youth from the ages of 8-13 years old learned the life of a Hip Hop Educator and using his knowledge which he was taught by other Hip Hop Educators and Pioneers . Tishiro is on tour with the Hip Hop Against Violence who partner with the Jam Master Jay Foundation and Embracing Arms Inc which both is a 501 C3 Non Profit, On the tour Shiro is battling his chapter member to display peace and unity through Hip Hop and the Art of Dance.  If you want to know more about Tishiro go to his Facebook page and requested him.

Who is Temar Boggs


September 29th-October 6th 


Temar Boggs Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Tamika Boggs 

Who is Temar Boggs? A 15 Year older Pennsylvanian who became a hero after saving a child from her kidnapper. On Thursday Afternoon a 5 year-old Jocelyn Rojas vanished from her front yard. The Authority believes the young child was abducted by a man who lured her into his car. Temar was helping a neighbor moving furniture when he heard the news. He notified his friend Chris who both got their bikes and jumped into action. Boggs spotted a car and noticed Rojas in the passages seat. Temar chased the car down for 15 minutes, once the man became scare he pushed the child out of the car and drove off.  The 5 Year old ran to Temar wanting her mother.  Temar escorted Rojas to the Police, “First she didn’t want to leave my arms because she was scared they were gonna do something to her,” said Boggs. Boggs was greeted with cheers from screaming searchers on their heroic act. From the Hip Hop Education 4 Youth, Temar  you are my hero. Thanks you for your Call on Duty to help save a child.