Hip Hop History of 1986-1994

Queen Michele will conduct a lecture and Q&A on the history of Hip Hop from 1986-1994. She’ll discuss the Social Stance, the Political Revolutionary Era in Hip Hop to the Social Disruption of Gangsta Rap. March 29, 2019 3:30-6:30pm 459 W.King Street York Pa, 17401

Hip Hop Word Building Lesson

"Hip Hop Culture" in Many Words Lesson Plan By :Michele Hairston ©2015 Hip Hop Educator/ Historian http://www.hiphoped4youth.com Target Group: Grades: 3rd -5th / 6th-8th Group of 5 (15 or more students) School District/ After School Program Time: 50 Minutes Material Needed: -Pencil -Lined Writing Paper -Timer -Chalk Board -Poster Board Special Treat/Incentive Objective : -Using words … Continue reading Hip Hop Word Building Lesson

Hip Hop Child of the Week “Who is Lil Will”

Who is Lil Will?  November 2nd - November 9th 2014 Who is Lil Wil? a young inspiring Emcee who loves the art of Hip Hop and the Element of an Emcee. William Spriggs a 12 year old artist from Harrisburg Pennsylvania who grew up listen to Old School Hip Hop Music which taught him that Hip Hop is a … Continue reading Hip Hop Child of the Week “Who is Lil Will”